An English Sportsman Thrives in Assentoft

"The beautiful scenery of Randers is the perfect setting to practice my sports. In the summer, I swim in Fussing Lake (Fussing Sø) and the Guden River (Gudenåen) and bike along the bicycle paths to get in even better shape," says Phil Mansfield.

Phil is an avid sportsman. As a young man, he was a professional rugby player. Today, he runs marathons a few times a year and participates in triathlons at Ironman level.

In just two years’ time, Englishman Phil Mansfield has built up a successful sports institute outside Randers. Both known and unknown athletes visit the institute to reach their sporting goals and get help for sports injuries. Professional soccer players from Manchester United, Tour de France riders, and ordinary exercisers seek advice and personal guidance from Phil Mansfield.

"I've done Ironmans, ran marathons, and passed complicated exams, but I've never tried anything harder than learning Danish. I practice every day, but it is not easy. At home we practice Danglish," smiles Phil, referring to the mixture of Danish and English language.