A Frenchman Comes to Randers – Home is where you are known

"Why don’t we just stay here a few days before we travel back to Paris?" Thus asked Jeannot Huyot his girlfriend when he first visited his Danish in-laws in Randers. Today, 38 years later, he still lives in Randers.

Many will probably be surprised that a young man from the city of cities, Paris, chose to settle down permanently in Randers. Nevertheless, while on a trip to the Nordic countries, Jeannot met a sweet Danish girl, and the two young people began traveling the world together. When the travel budget ran out, they ended the adventure in Randers where another would begin. The job as an accountant in Paris did not interest the young Frenchman, who instead ended up with a variety of odd jobs in Randers, which made him a living. Later, Jeannot Huyot received education as a teacher, and after that, he worked as a photographer at Randers Municipality. He is the father of two adult sons.

The Frenchman never went back, and there is a very special explanation: "I had not been in Randers many days before I was recognized. For example, it could be the cashier in a shop that suddenly said hello to me. It was a whole new feeling – something that had never happened before in France. I still enjoy that very much."