Upper Secondary School

After primary and lower secondary education, many young people choose to study at an upper secondary school. An education at an upper secondary school takes two or three years to complete. Afterwards, many students go on to study at a short-, medium-, or long-term higher education.

Four types of upper secondary schools

There are different types of upper secondary educations, each bringing different subjects into focus.

  • The gymnasium (STX). This education is a natural continuation of primary and lower secondary education. Here the students get general knowledge, which gives them access to attend higher education. The gymnasiums in Randers are Paderup Gymnasium and Randers Statsskole.
  • The Higher Preparatory Examination (HF). This education is very similar to the gymnasium, but it only takes two years. 10th grade must be completed, before getting in. Learn more about HF in Randers.
  • The Higher Commercial Examination (HHX). On HHX business is brought into focus, but besides business the students are also taught in foreign languages and general subjects. Read more about HHX in Randers.
  • The Higher Technical Examination (HTX). Here focus is primarily on technical and scientific subjects. Learn more about HTX in Randers.

State educational support

When studying in Denmark, students get educational support from the state. If you are a foreign citizen, you can apply for equal status to try to get the state educational support. Read more about the state educational support and the application process.

Read more about state educational support here