Higher Education

Randers offers a range of higher education opportunities, which you can pursue after you have finished your upper secondary education. You can, for example, study to be a nurse, a nursery teacher or an optician.

If you can't find something you want to study in Randers, you can also choose to study at nearby universities in Aarhus and Aalborg. The distance between Randers and the two cities is short. Thus, you can easily live in Randers and attend the university in Aarhus or Aalborg. You can travel by public transportation, and there are several departures each day by bus and train.

Find materials and guidance for applying for a higher education here

State educational support

When studying in Denmark, students get educational support from the state. If you are a foreign citizen, you can apply for equal status to try to get the state educational support.

Read more about the state educational support here

Pro tip: Apply for an a-kasse before you begin work or while you're in school, to ensure it's available if you become unemployed, or when you get out of school and before you find a job.