About Childcare and Education

In Denmark, children attend primary school from approximately 6 to 16 years old. Then they can attend an upper secondary school for two or three years, depending on which education they choose.

The Danish School System consists of both public and private schools. Public schools are free of charge, and you can freely choose which school you prefer that your child attend.

Knowledge and social skills

Danish schools not only focus on educational skills, but also social skills, and knowledge about Danish and foreign cultures.  Thus, the schools also prepare children to work and live in Denmark and other countries. Your children are ensured a good education as the Danish School System offers instruction at a high level. 

Learn more about Danish primary schools, upper secondary schools and higher education.

A minimum of language difficulties

When your child begins attending a Danish school, he/she may experience some language difficulties. However, in Danish public schools children can receive special tuition in Danish as a second language. At the same time, Danish children begin learning foreign languages at an early age, which will make it easier for your children to be able to communicate with their classmates.

Contact the school your child will be attending to enquire about potential language issues and the best way to deal with them.

You can also choose to let your child attend the international school in Aarhus.

Childcare options

Randers offers several types of childcare facilities. In this way you can freely choose the one that fits you and your child best. If you or your spouse chooses to stay home with your children, you are offered economic benefits.

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