Childcare and Education

About Childcare and Education

In Denmark, children attend primary school from approximately 6 to 16 years old. Then they can attend an upper secondary school for two or three years, depending on which education they choose.

Childcare Facilities

Find the perfect childcare facility for your children. Randers offers many different childcare options and can of course find something for you and your family. Read more about registration and much more.

Primary and Lower Secundary School

Danish primary and lower secondary schools are modern schools, where the focus is on providing students with a broad knowledge within subjects such as languages, science and social studies.

Upper Secondary School

After primary and lower secondary education, many young people choose to study at an upper secondary school. An education at an upper secondary school takes two or three years to complete. Afterwards, many students go on to study at a short-, medium-, or long-term higher education.

Higher Education

Randers offers a range of higher education opportunities, which you can pursue after you have finished your upper secondary education. You can, for example, study to be a nurse, a nursery teacher or an optician.

Language Education for New Residents

Among the different education choices available within Randers, for those whose native language isn't Danish, Sprogcenter Randers is an option. Whether you need to learn the language and culture from the ground up, or just need a refresher course, the language school has classes that can help.