Register Your Child for Care

The office assigning day care, Pladsanvisningen, has a self-service solution that you can use to register your child for care or withdraw it from care.

Pladsanvisningens self-service solution is called Digital Pladsanvisning (online place allocation service). In order to use Digital Pladsanvisning you need a NemID.

Via Digital Pladsanvisning you can:

  • get an overview of the child care options available to you.
  • put your child on the waiting list for a child care facility.
  • follow developments on the waiting list.
  • apply for financial support for child care.
  • withdraw your child from a child care facility.

If you wish to withdraw your child from care, you must do so with one month's notice from the 15th or last day of the month.

If you want to transfer your child from one day care center or childminder to another, you should not withdraw your child. Once registered with the new day care center or childminder, the child will automatically be withdrawn from the old one.

Digital Pladsanvisning is only for public day care centers. To enroll your child in a private institution, you have to contact the institution directly.