Guaranteed Child Care

The municipality is legally obliged to allocate places in an age-appropriate child care facility to all children from the age of 26 weeks to school starting age.

Guaranteed child care means that your child will be guaranteed a place in a day care center in the area where you live in Randers Municipality. We cannot guarantee a specific place or specific opening hours, but we will do everything we can to meet your wish for a specific child care facility.

Your child must be registered for guaranteed child care no later than three months before you need a place. If you want a place immediately after your child is 26 weeks old, the municipality must offer a place within four weeks from this date.

If you decide not to accept the place you have been offered through the guaranteed child care, you will no longer be on the waiting list and will have to register for guaranteed child care again. As a consequence, we cannot guarantee a new place for at least three months. However, we always attempt to offer you a place as quickly as possible. The waiting list is always arranged according to the children's age, so your child will not be moved to the back of the queue if you refuse an offer.