Financial Support

You can apply for a grant for children attending child care centers or childminders. It is also possible to get a family discount.

You can apply for a grant via the office assigning day care's self-service solution (Digital Pladsanvisning), in person, or by calling the office assigning day care - Pladsanvisningen (see contact information in the light gray box). You can apply when your child has been enrolled in a child care facility.

The grant is calculated on the basis of the applicant’s personal income together with that of his/her spouse/cohabiter, if applicable. The personal income includes gross income minus ATP (Danish Labor Market Supplementary Pension Scheme), AM-contributions (labor market contributions), and deductible pension contributions, if any.

You cannot obtain grants retrospectively.

Financial support is not available for school junior clubs from 4th to 7th grade.

Grants based on income

The table below lists the grants available for child care facilities as from January 1, 2020:

Income (in DKK) Your payment as a percentage of full fee
Up to and including 181,501 Payment: 0 % (free care)
181,501 to 185,524 Payment: 5 %
185,524 to 563,799 Within this interval, payment will increase by 1 % for each DDK 4,024 increase in income
563,800 and above Payment: 100 % (full fee)

The above-mentioned income limits are increased by DKK 7,000 for each additional child under the age of 18, who lives at home. For single providers the income limits are increased by DKK 63,506 yearly.

When you have been given a grant, please remember:

  • to check that the household income disclosed by you in connection with your grant corresponds to your personal income (gross income minus ATP, AM-contributions, and deductible pension contributions, if any).
  • to inform of any changes in your income or family set-up via Digital Pladsanvisning.

If you fail to inform about an increase in your income, you might be receiving a higher grant than you are entitled to. In that case, you will be required to repay some of the grant.

Family Discount

If you have more than one child in municipal child care facilities, you are entitled to a family discount. You pay full price for the most expensive place and half price for subsequent places in the day care center. This also applies if you have a child in a private child care institution.

You cannot get family discount to any after-school care, other than the SFOs at the public schools.