We Found a Dream Home in the City of Dreams

"We will probably never move from here. Here they do things differently, and there is room for other thoughts, for people with ideas, the drive and initiative."

The Kroll Bodilsen family, consisting of Jan, Lisa, and their daughter Caroline, moved from their home of 20 years in Aarhus, when they accidentally found their dream house in Randers. When the growing family demanded more space and the housing situation in Aarhus because increasingly overheated, the family decided to look other places for a new home.

"We gave 500,000 kr. for the land in Randers, where a plot with similar views cost double in Aarhus," says Jan Kroll Bodilsen.

The Kroll Bodilsen family quickly discovered that their dream house was also located in the city of dreams.

"We have really connected with the city and we have built a lot of great and good acquaintances,” said Jan, adding that both Randers' culture and nature has surprised all three of them positively. He praises Randers Rainforest, Randers Elite Sports College, the city's music and theater house Værket, which the family finds very interesting, and the natural surroundings that encourage getting out and about.