From Norway to Randers - Home is Where the Soul is

"I'm not actually sure that I would have started my business, if I hadn't ended up living in Randers. The city has a comfortable size to be an entrepreneur. Randers is sufficiently small that it is easy to get to know everyone. This also makes it easier to communicate their message. Conversely, the city is sufficiently large so that you can hide and have a private life. It's actually a pretty cool city to be in," says Lars Bendix, who before his coffee company start-up, worked as a design manager for Statoil.

12 years ago Lars Bendix and his family uprooted themselves from Norway and Sweden, to return home to Denmark. Lars and his wife are both trained architects, and after the design-conscious buyers' first visit to Randers, the decision was made.

”Suddenly we are in a nice old town center. We were sold on the spot," Lars Bendix explains.

According to Lars, Randers is a city with soul, and the family is happy to have chosen Randers as the city where their daughter Isabella started school.