Houses and apartments can be rented through a private company or person as well as a non-profit building association.

As a tenant you have legislative rights, including a tenancy agreement, which specifies the conditions for renting such as the deposit amount, and renovation obligations.

Non-profit associations

Non-profit associations often use waiting lists. Thus, you may need to wait a while before being offered an apartment or house. In addition, you must be aware that in order to rent through a non-profit association, you must be a member and pay a yearly fee. However, the monthly rent is often less than if you rent from a private company. In Randers there are several non-profit associations such as Lejerbo and Randersbolig.

Randers also has a number of subsidised housing apartments.

Private renting

If you want to avoid a waiting list or paying a monthly fee to a non-profit association, you can choose to rent an apartment or house from a private company or person. You can find privately rented apartments and houses online, and/or in the local newspaper.


Finally, you can also choose to sublet. This could be an advantage if you are only staying here for a short amount of time, as the apartment or house may be furnished.