Move Checklist

Planning a move involves an almost endless number of things to do. It can be easy to forget some things, which is where this checklist comes in handy.

First Notifications

When you are moving, there are many things you need to remember and be aware of. Below you will find a checklist of the most important items. Links for some of the items can be found here.

Report your move to Randers Municipality – up to 90 days before the actual move date, and no later than 5 days after the actual move date.

Report your move to Post Denmark – shortly before the move, to ensure your mail continues to arrive promptly at your new home.

Put your name on your door and your mailbox right away, once you have moved in. If you forget to do it, you will not receive your mail, as it will be sent back to the sender. If your name isn't on your mailbox, your new health card will not be delivered, and you will have to pick it up yourself at Citizen Service (Borgerservice). The card will not be re-sent if it is returned to sender because you do not have your name on the mailbox, or the mailbox is too full.

Report your move to your power and internet providers up to 3 days before moving (more notice may be required for your internet provider, if you have to switch to someone new).

Check whether you need to make any changes in your preliminary income statement for Skat (the tax authority), based on your move from one area to another.

If necessary, sign up for a media license. Your license will move with you automatically, once you are signed up and have registered your move with the National Registry. Thus, if you were signed up at your previous home, you do not need to sign up again once you have moved to Randers. The license will follow you automatically. If you did not have a media license before, however, then you will need to sign up for one.

Check insurance from your insurance company - a change of circumstances and location can affect your policy/premium.

Automatic Notification

When your move is registered in the National Registry(CPR), an automatic message is sent to all government offices/institutions where you are registered. These include the License Office, DMV, SU Department, etc. Your bank and insurance company will generally also be notified. You can see a list of the public and private companies who subscribe to your notifications on the CPR website (you will need your NemID or digital signature to sign in and see this information).

Notification to others

Not everyone automatically receives your new address, and must be notified directly. Those can include:

  • Employer
  • Telephone providers (land lines/mobile plans)
  • Insurance (home, car, life, health, liability, property, travel, supplementary)
  • Bank or savings bank
  • Doctor/specialist/dentist/veterinary
  • Electric/gas
  • Oil company
  • Heating Company
  • Waterworks
  • The office or caretaker
  • Dog-/cat- registrar
  • Rescue teams
  • Clubs and recreation groups
  • Subscriptions to newspapers/magazines
  • Charge cards/membership cards
  • Blood Bank