Leaving Denmark

If you have to leave, then it's good to be sure that you have taken care of everything to ensure a smooth exit. This information may help that transition.

When moving from Denmark, you should be aware that there are different rules relating to your departure, depending on whether you are moving to a Nordic or a non-Nordic country.

Departure for a Nordic country

Upon moving to another Nordic country, the move shall be reported to the local authorities in the new country. Deregistration within Denmark will take place automatically, upon registration in the new country.

Departure for a non-Nordic country

If you travel abroad for more than six months, you must de-register in the National Registry. If you have left the country for less than six months, you can still continue to be registered with a Danish residence. However, this requires that you have full control over your Danish residence throughout the period.

Reporting your departure

Notify the National Registry of your departure.

Keep voting rights

Danish nationals who travel abroad may apply for admission to the General Election List and thus preserve the right to vote in general elections in Denmark.

You can read more about moving abroad on borger.dk (in Danish) and nyidanmark.dk. These sites contain information both general and specific, relating to both Danish citizens and immigrants.