Setting Up a Home

Getting everything set up in your new place is part of the fun, and torture, of moving. Add a new country to the mix and it can be a little more than frustrating.

Some services you can research ahead of time, though setting them up will require a CPR number, which you will get once here. This is a good summary of all the different things that need to be set up in a new place, with lots of information on different companies and places to help. The contacts are general, and you are encouraged to do your own research as well, to find out if there are other companies available to provide whatever service it is you need in a particular area, such as Randers.

As noted on the Move Checklist, some services will also need to be notified when you move from one home to another within Denmark, as they won't receive an automatic notification. This may also be necessary if you move into a temporary home when first arriving in Denmark, before your permanent home is ready.


Another aspect of setting up one's home, is the family pet or pets. Moving abroad has lots of challenges and excitement, but that doesn't mean that you have to leave your beloved critters behind. Here is some really useful information on moving with your pets, covering many of the different types of creatures, as well as the rules relating to where they are coming from. For many, home is where the dog or cat or bird or ferret is, so might as well make their move as simple as possible.