In Case of Emergency

When moving to a new country one of the important, but often forgotten in the rush, pieces of information that everyone should know, are the numbers to get help in an emergency.

ER, Regional Hospital of Randers

Skovlyvej 1, 2, Input 2
8930 Randers
Phone: 87 31 19 20 Fax: 78 42 43 34

The emergency room is open daily. You should always call first so you get to treatment in the right place. Weekdays  -  8-16:  Call your doctor. From 16-8 in the morning, weekends and holidays: Call emergency medical service at 70 11 31 31.

Tourists and citizens without access to a private doctor, can on the day, call the nearest doctor or emergency medical service. On weekdays between 8-16, the emergency medical service is staffed by practicing nurses. The ER can treat both major and minor injuries. Emergency rooms also accept patients with severe injuries and life-threatening diseases that are brought in by ambulance.

24-hour Pharmacy (Apotek)

In Denmark there are 11 pharmacies that are open 24 hours.
Randers’ 24-hour pharmacy is:

Sønder Bros. Pharmacy
(24-Hour Pharmacy) Sønder Bros. Pharmacy
Dytmærsken 10 8900 Randers C
Telefon: 86 42 29 00 Fax: 86 42 15 83

On-call Doctors – Emergency - Lægevagten

Emergency medical service in Region Midtjylland (on call)
Phone: 70 11 31 31

Remember that you must call and make an appointment with the emergency medical service BEFORE you show up in the consultation. You must arrange for transport yourself to and from the consultation. If you need emergency care outside of your doctor's hours, ring the emergency medical service telephone on weekdays between the hours of 16:00 and 08:00, and on weekends and holidays throughout the day. The phone number is the same no matter where you live in the Central Denmark Region. Exceptions are emergency medical service on Anholt and Endelave where there are island doctors who provide emergency medical care.

Emergency Response

When should you call, and where?

If you need to contact the police for a reason that isn’t immediately life-threatening (i.e., bike has been stolen, a break-in occurred while you were OUT of your home), dial 1-1-4 to be connected to the police station nearest you.

If you witness an accident in which one or more persons are seriously injured, if a person becomes suddenly ill or is unconscious, if it is a life-threatening emergency, if there is grievous bodily harm, if there is a fire or another serious emergency, call for help (ambulance, fire department, police) by dialing 1-1-2.

What you are asked?

  • who you are
  • your CPR number
  • what has happened, who is hurt
  • where and when it happened (exact address or location)
  • Where calling from (phone number)

Stay on-site until help arrives. You can help to spot until professional help arrives, where you can provide ambulance crew details.

112 is the emergency number - call 112 only if there is a need for emergency help.

Try and remember to stay calm, and speak slowly and clearly. Help the dispatcher as much as possible with clear information (as noted above), so they can help you as quickly as possible.