About Living in Randers

Living in Randers means living in a city only a stone's throw away from beautiful nature ready to be explored by foot, bike or boat.

Moving to Denmark

Moving to Denmark is a big step. Make sure you know the Danish rules of entry and learn more about moving to the wonderful city of Randers.

Move Checklist

Planning a move involves an almost endless number of things to do. It can be easy to forget some things, which is where this checklist comes in handy.


Houses and apartments can be rented through a private company or person as well as a non-profit building association.


Another possibility is to buy a house in Randers. We offer many different houses and even undeveloped land where you can build the house of your dreams.

Helpful Details for Newcomers

It is easy to settle in in Denmark and Randers. We have plenty of options to get you help with almost anything. Read more about settling in Randers here

Relevant Links

Here you will find some web pages that are of relevance to you when coming to Denmark (in general), and moving to Randers.

"We Chose Randers Because ..."

Need more convincing? Read some testimonies from newcomers to Randers here. Plenty of arguments to choose from!

Leaving Denmark

If you have to leave, then it's good to be sure that you have taken care of everything to ensure a smooth exit. This information may help that transition.